3 Simple, Easy-to-Follow Fat Loss Secrets for the Elderly -Weight Loss Strategies in the Elderly

fat loss secrets for the elderly

3 Simple, Easy-to-Follow Fat Loss Secrets for the Elderly

One reason for weight gain and obesity in middle-aged people is that the body’s basal metabolic rate declines, which slows down food digestion time. Additionally, digestive enzymes are secreted less as people age, while the body also becomes deficient in some micronutrients, especially vitamin B12, which impairs cell acid secretion responsible for converting fat into energy.

1. Maintain a HypoCaloric Diet (HCD)

An HCD is a menu that limits fat intake to 20-30 grams per day. Due to reduced physical activity, the diet of the elderly should focus on good fats from plant sources and eliminate bad fats, especially trans-fat groups. Eating a lot of fat increases blood fats such as LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, causing obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The principle of the HCD menu is to reduce overall food intake, including breakfast and main meals, and pay attention to the calorie content of food to reduce body fat. Eating additional small meals such as fruit, juice, and milk between meals can also reduce calorie consumption.
To rule out disease-causing sweeteners, check the “hidden” sugar content in dishes. Eat slowly, chew well, and avoid working alone or increasing stress while eating. Eat frugally and gently, only consuming 3/4 of the amount of food that you find enough. If you have a habit of drinking alcohol, gradually reduce it to only one small cup, especially wine, per day.

fat loss secrets for the elderly
fat loss secrets for the elderly

2. Increase Dietary Fiber

Eat 25-30g of fiber daily, as it promotes weight loss, makes the body feel full, has a low-calorie count, and is easy to absorb water and digest. Soluble fiber, in particular, reduces bad cholesterol. Foods rich in fiber include apples, artichokes, beans, broccoli, oatmeal and cereals, papaya, and pumpkin.

3. Incorporate Walking into Your Routine

Walking is considered the most suitable exercise for the elderly. It is simple, inexpensive, easy to perform, and safe. Practicing 30-40 minutes of brisk walking every day can reduce 200-350kcal, speed up the body’s metabolism, and burn stored fat. Regularly walking or exercising also activates the regulation of the “appetite” region of the brain and maintains heart rhythm, reduces blood sugar, and limits the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Experts recommend seniors over 60 walk briskly with a frequency of 30-40 minutes per day.

fat loss secrets for the elderly
fat loss secrets for the elderly

Incorporating sports into your routine also has an effect on blood circulation in the body, improving physical and mental health and helping people feel comfortable. The endorphin compound secreted during exercise is the agent that helps the mind. Therefore, people who regularly practice sports have good physical and mental health and are less likely to become obese.
I hope this article is helpful to you.

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