6 Steps Of Facial Massage At Home To Prevent Aging

facial massage to prevent aging

6 steps of facial massage at home to prevent aging

Facial massage at home is very easy, just 15 to 20 minutes a day will help the skin become bright, and smooth and prevent aging. So how to do a massage at home properly?

1. Startup

Take a sufficient amount of cream and massage evenly on 5 points including cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose, then apply the cream all over the face.
Then rub your hands together for heat and then apply to your face and massage in the direction from bottom to top, from inside to outside.
Repeat this movement 6 times.

2. Forehead massage

The forehead area will often have the most wrinkles, so it is necessary to “take care” of this skin area more carefully. You can use 2 middle fingers, put them between the 2 eyebrows and then gently massage from the inside out in a spring-twisted pattern.
Then repeat the movement about 10 times.

3. Massage the eye area

Eyes are thin and extremely sensitive skin. Therefore, when massaging the eyes, should be very careful and gentle.
First, place your middle finger and index finger at the corner of your upper eye and gently rub them to the corner of your eye. Hold your hand at the corner of your eye for about 3 seconds and then continue to move along the upper eyelid line to the temples.
Repeat about 5 to 10 times.

facial massage to prevent aging
facial massage to prevent aging

4. Massage the skin around the nose and mouth

Use 3 fingers in each hand and place it in the middle of the chin and gently bring it around the mouth, then move to the center of the chin. Do this movement about 5 times to help the skin around the mouth relax.

5. Massage the cheek area

Many people think that the skin on the cheeks is the smoothest area, usually with fewer wrinkles and sagging. However, the cheek area is most at risk of aging. When performing this skin massage, massage from the inside to the outside, massage from the bottom to the top, absolutely do not do the opposite.

First, use 3 fingers in each hand and then gently stroke from the nose to the ear to help the skin on the cheeks relax.

Then, place your ring finger and middle finger in the center of your chin and gently massage in a spiral from bottom to top and from inside to outside. The movement is performed for other cheek skin areas, in turn, about 5 to 10 times.

facial massage to prevent aging
facial massage to prevent aging

6. Full face-lifting massage

The main function of the facial muscles is to support the facial skin. If the facial muscles are stretched, aging will cause the facial skin to sag and wrinkle. To reduce this situation, you can perform facial lifting massage movements as follows:

Place your palm under your chin and then around your mouth and move to your center. From the core, gently move your hand to your cheekbones and then up to your temples. Acupressure at the temples, then pull down the point below the ear and stop at the collarbone.

When massaging at home, you must wash and remove scratches on your hands and jewelry so as not to cause damage to sensitive skin.

When performing the movements, you should adjust the hand force accordingly, absolutely not use strong force because using too much force will backfire and make your face more wrinkled.

It is recommended to massage when the face is still damp so that the nutrients from the massage oil can penetrate the skin faster, bringing more positive effects.

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