Is Collagen Better In Liquid Or Tablet?

collagen better in liquid or tablet

Is collagen better in liquid or tablet?

Collagen tablets and liquid form are the two best-rated beauty collagen lines by women at present. The same is absorbed orally, however, the mechanism of action and improvement time of these two collagen lines are not the same. Should I drink collagen water or tablets?
Is collagen better in liquid or tablet?

Properties of Collagen liquid and tablet form

Liquid collagen: Collagen containing microscopic nanoparticles, prepared in liquid form with the mechanism of absorption and absorption of active ingredients directly orally.

Collagen tablets: Collagen is produced in the form of tablets or capsules, absorbed directly orally. Oral collagen products need to achieve certain solubility and permeability, to avoid being excreted to the outside.

Both liquid collagen and collagen pellets are hydrolyzed collagen, not able to form gels, can be mixed with plain water or fruit juices, and have a large content of Amino Acids, HydroxyProline, Glycine compared to conventional Collagen.

In addition, many studies have shown that collagen essence can convert from a solid state to a flexible state, then smoothly back to its original state. This is considered an important step forward in the treatment and prevention of sudden heart attacks.

According to experts, women after the age of 25 should actively supplement Collagen, helping to prevent the risk of deficiency and positively improve the signs of skin aging due to age.

collagen better in liquid or tablet
collagen better in liquid or tablet

Is collagen better in liquid or tablet?

Collagen in tablet form

1. The process of absorbing Collagen tablets

Collagen tablets are made up of amino acids, forming a chain of twisted polypeptides. When absorbed into the body orally, the body breaks down the tablet structure, dissolving the Gelatin coating so that the active ingredient is dispersed and absorbed into the body.
To achieve the best effect, the active ingredients need to be broken down into several stages to create smaller forms, making it easier for the body to absorb and avoid being eliminated orally.

2. Advantages

Easy to store, convenient to carry, not afraid to break and change the medicinal properties of the product.
Reasonable price, compact design
The elimination capacity is significantly improved, helping to retain almost all the necessary nutrients
The shelf life of collagen tablets is usually 3 years from the date of manufacture.
Diverse brands to choose from and refer to

3. Cons

Slower absorption than water-based collagen
Users must maintain at least 1 course of treatment for 1-3 months to see the improvement effect.
Some types of collagen tablets are a bit big and difficult to drink when taken a lot, creating the feeling of “having to take medicine”.
Difficult to maintain, easy to moisture, oxidizing

collagen better in liquid or tablet
collagen better in liquid or tablet

Liquid collagen

1. The process of absorbing liquid collagen

Liquid collagen consists of collagen molecules that are broken down by hydrolysis, breaking the structure and linkages of the polypeptide chain. They typically have a higher molecular weight and faster absorption than other forms of collagen, helping to optimize bioavailability. If collagen tablets have to go through many stages, water collagen only takes 1 – 4 minutes to assimilate completely.

2. Advantages

Easy to use (just open and drink right away)
Delicious taste, easy to drink from natural fruits
Better absorption capacity than collagen tablets and other types of regular collagen, and at the same time restore and nourish damaged cells
Recommended by estheticians and beauty experts

3. Cons

Difficult to store, easy to break, must be stored in the refrigerator after opening
Some types are produced in the form of plastic bottles, which are not environmentally friendly
Some types of water collagen have a fishy taste, difficult to drink
The price is higher than collagen tablets

Depending on your skin condition, as well as your budget for beauty treatments, you can be flexible in choosing to drink collagen in liquid form or tablet form.

Amount of collagen used

The recommended collagen content per day is from 2.5 to 10 grams. However, in tablet form, there is usually a low collagen content in each tablet. Therefore, most brands recommend taking a large number of tablets per day to ensure that the needs are met at the recommended dose. Meanwhile, water-based collagen products all contain a highly concentrated dose in a small unit of measure.

In short, in terms of absorption, the water form will give better results. But in terms of use, both forms help bones and joints to be flexible and prevent aging.
Therefore, which form to use depends on your own needs. Each form of use will have different advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully through the article readers have had useful information about some forms of collagen use.

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