Is The Keto Diet Good For Menopausal Women?

keto diet for menopausal women

Is the keto diet good for menopausal women?

The keto diet is recommended for alleviating menopausal symptoms and balancing hormones. However, is this diet really good for menopausal women?

In recent years, keto has become a popular diet for weight loss and the management of several other health conditions.

So what are the effects of the keto diet on the health of menopausal women?

1. Keto Diet for Menopausal Women

Menopause is the period that marks the end of a woman’s reproductive age. During this phase, due to changes in hormone levels, women often experience symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and sleep disruptions. Many women also experience weight gain after menopause…

The keto diet is a very low-carbohydrate, moderate-protein, and high-fat diet. If there are not enough carbohydrates in our diet, our bodies will turn to use fat for energy instead of sugar.

In the keto diet, people usually eat foods like Meat, fish, eggs, nuts, healthy fats, and green vegetables without starch. Also limit or eliminate foods like whole grains, legumes, starchy vegetables, and some fruits.

Menopause can lead to hormonal imbalances, especially estrogen, and progesterone. This can decrease insulin sensitivity and decrease metabolism. It can also lead to increased appetite.

There is no solid evidence linking the keto diet to a direct effect on the balance of reproductive hormones. However, the keto diet may play a role in regulating the balance of certain hormones that affect appetite regulation and insulin production.

keto diet for menopausal women
keto diet for menopausal women

2. Benefits of the Keto Diet During Menopause

2.1. Affects insulin sensitivity

Insulin is a hormone responsible for helping to transport sugar (glucose) from the blood into cells for use as energy.

Night sweats and hot flashes, two symptoms of menopause, are also closely linked to insulin resistance in women going through menopause. Insulin resistance occurs when the cells in your body don’t respond well to insulin. This leads to an increase in the amount of glucose circulating in the blood and can put you at risk for chronic disease.

Some research shows that the keto diet can lead to improved insulin resistance, lower insulin levels, and a decrease in the number of medications people with diabetes take to reach their blood sugar goals.

Furthermore, one study tested the keto diet on women with ovarian or endometrial cancer. Researchers discovered improvements in insulin sensitivity and greater belly fat loss after 12 weeks of following the keto diet.

2.2. Effects on weight gain

The keto diet has been shown to have a positive effect on weight loss, lipid profiles, and glycemic control in overweight or obese individuals.

One study compared four different diets in postmenopausal women to see which was best for weight maintenance. The researchers compared the Mediterranean diet, low-fat diet, reduced-carbohydrate diet, and a diet consistent with current dietary guidelines for Americans.

At the end of the study, researchers found that people who followed a low-carbohydrate diet with moderate fat and high protein intake had a reduced risk of weight gain. In contrast, people who followed a low-fat diet had the highest risk of postmenopausal weight gain.

It’s important to note that the reduced-carb diet in this study averaged about 163 grams of carbohydrates, much higher than recommended on the standard keto diet. However, studies directly linking the keto diet to menopause-related weight gain are limited.

keto diet for menopausal women
keto diet for menopausal women

2.3. Helps reduce cravings

During the menopausal transition and after menopause, many women experience increased hunger and cravings.

The keto diet has been shown to help increase feelings of fullness. This may be because foods high in protein and fat have a positive effect on satiety through several different processes, including reducing gastric emptying, decreasing intestinal transit, and playing a role in satiety. role in the release of hunger hormones.

Furthermore, one study looked at several obese patients to assess appetite, sleep quality, sexual activity, and overall quality of life among those following a very low-calorie keto diet. . The researchers found that the patients saw the improved quality of life, good food control, dramatic weight loss, fewer sleep problems, and improved sexual function.

3. Adverse effects of the keto diet:

Although the keto diet may provide certain benefits for menopause, it is not a one-size-fits-all diet. One common group of side effects that individuals may experience when starting a keto diet is referred to as the “keto flu.” This is because the body requires time to adjust to a very low-carbohydrate diet. Symptoms associated with “keto flu” include flu-like symptoms, headaches, brain fog, stomach pain and upset stomach, fatigue, dizziness, sore throat, nausea, body aches, and changes in heart rate. Typically, symptoms reach their peak during the first week and then subside over the following three weeks with regular diet adherence.

Moreover, there is concern about the negative impact of the keto diet on heart health. Several studies have revealed that the high amount of saturated fat in the keto diet can increase the level of bad cholesterol in the body. High-fat diets have also been linked to disruptions in the gut microbiome (the bacteria in the digestive system) and inflammation.

Severely restricting carbohydrates, typically to less than 50g, can also be harmful to some individuals. This is due to the fact that numerous carbohydrate-rich foods that are removed from the keto diet contain vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, and natural plant compounds, which the body requires.

I hope the above article is helpful to you.

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